Achva Programs

Achva was started in 1981 by Mr. Richard Stareshevsky. Programs were originally offered for multiple grades and there was even a collegiate division.  Richie served as the very popular director of Achva for 20 years while he solidified its reputation for running great tours for Modern Orthodox young people.  Originally begining with Achva Israel, during the '80s other tours where added such as Achva East and West.  There is no question that Achva would not exist today without Richie's efforts and they are much appreciated by the current Achva staff as well as the thousands of participants who went on the programs during his tenure. He moved on to other worthy endeavors after summer 2001.

The current director of Achva, Roger Braverman, started in late 2001.  Roger has sought to continue in the great Achva tradition while at the same time striving to constantly make the programs better and better. Roger and the entire Achva staff are proud of our long tradition of successful programs and look forward to additional success in the future.