Achva Programs

Learn More about Achva

There are a number of avenues available to find out more details about our programs beyond what is available on our web site.

1) You are welcome to call us at the Achva office for answers to any questions. We can tell you all about the program and the type of kids that generally sign up. Just call 212 929-1525 x181 during normal business hours.

2) We are happy to conduct parlor meetings at private homes or information sessions at shuls in various locations around the country.  If you would consider hosting an informational meeting and can gather a few interested parents together, please give us a call and we will help make the arrangements. Meetings explore all aspects of what potential parents and participants might want to know.

3) An Achva Orientation is given for registered participants to find out all the details they need to prepare for the summer.  Usually conducted in May, the Orientation session allows parents to meet the staff and ask any questions they have in preparation for the tour.