Achva Programs

Achva, a Young Israel program, runs co-ed tours for Jewish high school students with an Orthodox day school background. Achva has been running great summer trips for over 35 years. Our many years of experience sets us completely apart from others. The program is an incredible synthesis of touring, fun and friends that just cannot be beat. Here is some more information about our programs.

About the Tours

While some might try to compare us to a summer camp, Achva offers so much more. Achva goes to great destinations all over the globe. Once you arrive at the tour's starting point, Achva travels by air-conditioned coach bus to the best sites and attractions around. Every day on Achva is another new and exciting adventure; there are no days for just sitting around.  Please review the itineraries for each of our programs to get an idea of what we mean. Of course, at the end of each fun-filled week, Shabbat features free time to relax, lively Shabbat meals, topical Torah sessions and an uplifting davening.

Room and Board

Strictly kosher food is provided three times a day either by Achva's caterer, or local kosher restaurants and/or hotels. Regarding accommodations, Achva often stays in 2.5 - 3 star hotels and/or an occasional motel but each Achva tour is different, so it is difficult to generalize. See information about each program for more on accommodations and meals.

About the Participants

Achva gets applicants from all over North America.  While many come from the Northeast of the United States, Achva participants have also come from Florida, California, Texas, Tennessee, Canada and many other communities all over North America. In recent summers, we have even had participants from Europe and Israel. Achva participants are best described as Modern Orthodox teens looking to travel, make new friends and have the best summer of their life, while in a religious environment.


A Group Leader, also referred to as the Head Counselor, and counselor staff accompany every group. The Group Leader is an experienced professional who is responsible for the overall operation of the tour. He/she will guide the tour and ensure that everyone is safe and sound. He/she will also interface with parents regarding those issues where it is appropriate for parental involvement. The counselors, who are generally college students (or recently grads), are there to help and assist the participants to get the most of their summer. There are approximately four counselors assigned to each bus (approximately 35 to 45 participants). On tours with multiple buses, a technical coordinator (TC) also accompanies the tour. The TC is there to assist the group with various needs and drive participants to the doctor when necessary. Group Leaders, counselors and TCs will be announced as they are appointed and are normally available to meet parents at the Achva Orientation. We do not have a doctor or nurse accompanying each group, although groups usually have a medic along to handle emergencies. If you have special medical needs, please contact our office to discuss those needs well in advance.


Achva runs an Orientation in the late spring for parents of registered participants. Participants are also welcome to attend. Following a detailed presentation, parents can ask questions and meet with staff members to find out everything they want to know about the trip. For those outside the New York area, Achva will make alternative arrangements for you to get all of the information.


Unfortunately, scholarships are not normally available from Achva for our programs. In exceptional circumstances, Achva may provide some financial assistance when we have extra space available.  We will help people with whatever documentation is necessary to receive any potential scholarship money from outside sources if available.  We cannot guarantee that any scholarship sources will be available or that you will qualify if they are.

Any Other questions?

There is a lot more to say about Achva. If you need additional information, please contact us.

Information appearing on this page is meant only as a general description of the Achva Program and is for informational purposes only. No guarantees are implied. Of course, individual programs may differ from the general description. All dates, prices, tour information and policies are subject to change based solely on Achva's discretion.